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Goldlink are a Referral and Distribution Network into Pre-IPO Global Entities and the latest
forex trading Software


With over 17 years’ experience as a Referral Distribution Network in growing our partnership with global businesses and providing outside resources to help us better serve our members, it has elevated Goldlink to a superior level, in providing a professional service with outstanding customer service support.

The Importance of a Strong Referral Distribution Network. ... is a valuable way to expand your knowledge, learn from the success of others and to provide, in some cases, life changing opportunities, get new clients and tell others about our business. A strong and active referral network has advantages that can help people grow and flourish.

The making of trust has been established

Referral Networking draws on the interpersonal ties and already established satisfaction of clients. With so much competition today, people want to hear a referral from an already serviced and impressed customer.

Goldlink is a referral and distribution service registered in Australia. Goldlink and its directors, employees and Representatives exclude all liability and responsibility in connection with the start-ups, IPO's, forex trading software and any investment institution we introduce to our network, Goldlink provide an Introductory service between prospects and investment products and institutions. Any Information pertaining to start-ups, pre-IPO’s and all other Investment products is provided to Goldlink through the companies they introduce prospects to. Please be aware that each individuals experience may vary. Again, this is entirely in your own discretion should the start-ups and IPO's and trading software be appropriate for you. Users of this information do so entirely at their own choice
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